Who we are

DemidovDesign is a Moscow-based design studio founded in 2014.  We create beautiful and exciting ideas that makes people change their perception of visual art. In our experience we have more than 500 of successfully implemented projects.

We are creative professionals who have strongest passion in the work that we do and just can’t live without making things unique and interesting.  We believe that every object and space can be transformed into an eye-catching conception that not only looks incredible but also tells the story.


Shop windows design, visual merchandising

We do art and commercial designs of shop windows, luxury boutiques, chain-stores and department stores and other commercial developments.

Decoration of facades and interiors

We provide the widest range of services for decoration of outdoor areas, facades of buildings, indoor spaces and atriums.  

Development and production of store equipment

Our company is highly experienced in creation of store equipment on all steps from idea to realisation and installation. Our partners pool consist of dozens of quality producers of commercial, decorative equipment and furniture. 

Visual conceptions for events and exhibitions

We believe that for creation of ideal event it’s important to consider tone and atmosphere of place where the event is going to be. Decorations is certainly one of the ways of creating celebration or stylish or any other look of the event. Our experience in event areas decoration helps us to create unforgettable emotions of public and shiny background for video and photo reports. 


We provide consultancy services in any visual aspects of commercial projects: visual merchandising (window displays and instore VM), floor plans and brandbooks, POS materials design, event and sales actions, logos, shop design.

Visualisation of creative ideas

We do visualisation of creative ideas and project drawings for our clients, even if idea of the project was developed not by our designers. We have professional 2d and 3d artists, graphic designers that make your ideas alive and prepare presentation in the way it was in imagination of our client.

Production of decoration materials, art objects and exhibition stands

We love to create real things of any level of difficulties, because the best design, is design that you can touch by your hands. All the things that we do based on creativity and sense of style to express vision of our clients.

Illustrations and fashion prints

We have significant experience in creating illustration for fashion, art and social projects. All of our designers can make hand drawings, paintings and digital arts that we use in our projects. We can develop unique style for your project that will be made by hands and look highly artistic.

Why to choose us

Our decoration works for you

Our designs not only shows vision of our client, but brand features, modern trends and induce growth of customer activity and conversion.

Products in the spotlight

We create ideas for different types of displays, where product plays main role. Our displays are made to amaze people and represent features of the product.

Our teem

We are one of the most experienced companies specialised in visual merchandising. Our employees are experienced in different areas of design: visual merchandisers, architects, 3d specialists, artists, floral designers, cinema decorators and others.

How we do it

Process of project development



We take under all process of project development: from idea to existing space or tactile object. We think about project goals taking in consideration all the important things (brand guidelines, design theme, space features and others)

Idea development

We create different ideas and prepare sketches in the most creative way according to the he guidelines that we get after first step. Then we select most suitable ideas and prepare presentations for our client with examples of materials and technical explanations.


After approval of one of the ideas by our client we make drawings and plans for production. And then produce the decorations and objects, mostly by our hands (like an artist In front of a canvas) and by our partners that we have across the world. 


To be fully sure in the quality of our services we do installation by ourselves or under our supervision. After implementation of this step we make a report with photos of decorations.


LLC “Demidov Design”

Moscow, Saint Petersburg

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