Summer Field, Kuwait, Summer 2013



A hot summer day when sun is shining at the zenith and you want to break out from the dusty and stuffy city: go out to the nature, lie down in the grass, watch the sky, listen to the wind and remember all the forgotten feelings from the childhood… When imagination was painting unusual pictures and every cloud had a story and each butterfly seemed unearthly creature…

Displays are forming a nook of nature with the help of artificial flowers, plants and grass . Garlands of flowers and vines In the first window coming down from the ceiling and forming a kind of natural arbor. In the second and third showcase grass and flowers form a sort of meadows and green hills. Bright butterflies are arranged the way when they’re playing with the products and forming the illusion of non-existent objects: unreal swing are supporting the porcelain; flying kite is keeping by mannequin made of the scarf ; vintage bicycle with the saddle and the bag standing on the trunk. Part of the butterflies are made with moving wings that make the installation even more realistic. Thereby the viewer can watch the story that is forming by the imagination or the memory of the characters.


Client: Hermes Middle East
Date: 13.02.2013
Type of project: Shop window design

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